Head of Finance for a remote music startup

Job description

Head of Finance for a remote music startup - Making anyone a music creator

€30,000 - €40,000 yearly

You know finance and the ins and outs of a startup, right? 

Sure you do. After all, you’re doing it!

Managing the finances, advising on strategy, building the team... the list goes on and on.

Now… can you imagine changing the world by making anyone a music creator!?

Uncomfortably excited? Good. Read on then - you might just be the person we're looking for. 😼

About Musiversal 🎷

At Musiversal, our mission is to make music production 10x cheaper and easier to realise the vision of making anyone a music creator.

In 5 years from now, we believe that anyone will be a music creator. And we don’t just mean throwing together samples and midi tracks, which is saturating the world today.  mean real, live recorded, top-tier music. And making that unfeasibly easy, cheap and accessible to create. Music will become a way for anyone and everyone to truly express themselves. We will achieve this by doing to music what Instagram did to photography: making it so easy and cheap that anyone can go from bedroom producer to renowned music artist.

To that end, and building on our existing orchestral offering, we're going to be initially serving semi-professional and professional music producers with a subscription model for accessing unlimited remote recording sessions. We will then work our way upstream to serve amateur music creators and finally to Mr. and Mrs. Smith who right now only consider music consumption, rather than music creation, as a possibility.

You’ll be joining a 14 person team (more like a family) based across Lisbon, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Cairo. We’re a musical bunch, with technical and startup-savvy backgrounds, and we’re 100% remote. We go to the office only when or if we want to. We care more about the quality of work that you do, rather than the hours you work, and our non-hierarchical structure allows for full autonomy, creativity and leadership. Joining us in our early stages gives you the opportunity to be a core part of the team and shape our trajectory towards becoming the world’s leading music creation platform.

Right now, we’re building a world-class remote team to propel Musiversal’s disruption of the music industry. The question is, are you passionate about music and looking to make a difference in the music world? If so, Musiversal could be the next step in your journey, and we'd love to hear from you.

What we offer

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference in the world through the magic of music 🌍

  • Unlimited access to realise your personal music with the Musiversal partners. 🎻

  • Remote work - live exactly where you want! 🗺 We just require a 2 hour overlap with 9.00-18.00 GMT for collaboration.

  • Yearly Musiversal retreat - A full week of energizing recharging social adventures in an exotic location 🏝

  • Flexible hours - for 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, 🏄‍♀️, 🎸 or just because. We care about getting the job done. Not what hours you are in front of a screen.

  • Work with a world class team of awarded musicians, founders, ex-VCs, ex-Googlers and ex-Red Bull. 🏆

  • Unrivalled autonomy and ownership of design by joining Musiversal as an early employee 🏎

  • The tech you need to do your job: your choice of laptop and desk set-up 💻

  • A competitive salary (30-40k) 💸 + 0.00-0.10% equity

Who we are looking for 🦄

We're looking for a Head of Finance to manage, strategically advise on the capital deployment and cashflow to grow the company, report to investors with precision, monitor our unit economics, create and manage streamlined and automated payment and bookkeeping systems.

Job requirements

We'd love to talk to you if 🤝

  • You are a music creator

  • Integrity is of importance to you

  • You have previous experience with marketing, product, influencers and partnerships.

  • You have previous experience from a technology startup

  • You have previous experience working remotely

  • You are a genuine and humble person

Responsibilities 💪

  • See the bigger picture. Being the Head of Finance goes beyond management. It’s a role of co-creation with the C-Level team in order to create a roadmap that works and forwards the company’s growth. We’re growing at an incredible speed and there’s always something new to consider.
  • Obsess over the details. Maybe you only use one exclamation mark as a rule of thumb for every email. Maybe it's only three sentences per paragraph. Either way, you make sure each word and each punctuation mark counts.
  • Set your own course. At Musiversal, we have quick team meetings each week and then we make things happen. You get to make things happen without someone saying so.
  • Manage accounting and keep bookkeeping tight and support with financial projection and planning: Fundraising, burn, ad spend, customer acquisition, unit economics, etc.
  • Be open and humble and be open to experimentation.