Woodwind Player with own home studio - Remote

Job description

- You know how to play woodwinds, right?

   - Sure you do! Single or double reed, bopping those melodies, breathing in circles, the list goes on...

      - Now… can you imagine changing the world by making anyone a music creator

         - ... then read on - we may have exactly what you are looking for. 😼

About Musiversal 🎷

Our vision is to make anyone a music creator, inside of a music industry that works. For everyone.
By enabling more people to make music, we want to offer more stable jobs. To 1000s more musicians.

In 5 years, we believe that anyone will be a music creator. And we don’t just mean throwing together samples and midi tracks. We mean real, live recorded, top-tier music. We will do to music what Instagram did to photography: making it fun, easy, affordable and accessible to create. Enabling anyone to go from an aspiring creator to a bedroom producer to renowned music artist. Music will become a way for anyone and everyone to truly express themselves.

We are serving amateur, semi-professional and professional music producers, composers and song writers with a subscription model accessing unlimited remote recording sessions.

We’re building a world-class remote team of session musicians, sound engineers and producers to contribute to making anyone a music creator. The question is, are you passionate about music and looking to make a difference in the music world? If so, Musiversal could be the next step in your journey, and we'd love to hear from you.

The job opportunity

We are looking for session musicians with their own professional home studios, for live remote recordings. As a session musician, you'll get the opportunity to make music with music creators from around the world by:

  • Putting your expertise to practice and setting your session up with success by building the DAW session with the client audio files, sheet music and charts.
  • Recording the piece of music and collaborate live with the client via Zoom with talkback, camera, screen share and Audiomovers for high quality audio streaming.
  • Sharing the magic with the client - Exporting all of the takes.

Here is how a Musiversal® session looks like:

Job requirements

We'd love to talk to you if 🤝

    • You speak english fluently
    • Have a high speed internet connection (30mb download/upload speed; obligatory use of Ethernet cable)
    • Have an acoustically treated home studio
    • Have professional grade recording equipment
    • Have proficiency in a professional DAW (recommended: Logic or Pro Tools)
    • Are a professional session musician (read sheet music/chords, improvise, and play multiple genres)
    • You are a genuine and humble person
    • Integrity is of importance to you

    You belong here 🌈

    • As long as you’re fun to be around (and got the music chops of course), we want to work with you; whatever skin-color, sexual orientation, gender, culture or religion (or any other box people find themselves put into) you have
    • At Musiversal everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic self to work which also means you’re encouraged to share as much (or as little) about your personal life as you want


    1. Is preparation time paid and accounted for in the working hours?

    Yes. The working hours on your working contract include prep time. This means that your actual session time is less than the total working hours.

    2. How many hours per week can I work?

    We recommend 23.75 hours per week. Musicians that have been with Musiversal for more than 1 month have the opportunity to increase their working hours up to 40, upon agreement with Musiversal. If you want to work less hours that is possible as well. Payments are adjusted proportionally according to the raised or decreased amount of hours per week.

    3. What does a day of work look like?

    Our recording sessions are 30 minutes long, and there's a 15 minutes break between each session. You can use those 15 minutes as a buffer if you need to stretch one session a little bit further. In normal conditions, you'd be expected to export/upload the takes from the previous session using those 15 minutes. If you choose to work 4.5h per day, your regular day would consist of 5 recording sessions + the corresponding 15 min breaks + 1h prep time for the next day.

    4. How is the weekly schedule?

    You can design your own schedule, given that your schedule overlaps with US time and/or Europe time zones. You can decide to work only 2 days per week intensively or split your working hours through 5 business days. We do not recommend working on weekends because we believe that those days should be reserved for leisure.

    5. What happens if I get sick and I have to miss my session without 20 days notice?

    We are all human and these situations happen occasionally. We just request you be in communication if you feel unwell or if you have a personal situation. We are committed to your wellbeing and will always support you.

    6. How far in advance would I need to be able to set my weekly schedule?

    We need a schedule that looks the same every week. We usually request your schedule 2 months ahead, because clients can book you 2 months in advance. It’s possible to make changes, but we request that you keep rescheduling to a minimum.

    7. Is paid annual leave included?

    Annual leave is not paid. We recommend 30 days of annual leave, and you can choose to take them or not. You can also choose to increase the hours on your contract or reduce them as we go. The intention of the suggested leave days is to have a structure in place for the opportunity for you to take time off for vacation, gigs or anything else.

    8. How are payments made?

    Payments are made every month on the last day of the month via wire transfer. In some special situations we may pay using PayPal instead. You get paid the same wage whether your month is fully booked or not.

    9. Invoicing & Taxes

    You will need to submit an invoice every month (we will send you a reminder email). The invoice is easy to fill out, as every month your payment will be the same. The only differences from one month to another will be if you took leave days or if you earned extra compensation from our musician referral program. Taxes for foreign work: you must check with local authorities; Musiversal pays your compensation and you will have to pay the taxes owed locally out of that amount.

    10. What's the contract's length?

    The first month is probationary, meaning that Musiversal may end the contract without notice. After that, the contract has a minimum duration of 6 months and can be terminated by any of the parts with a 30 days notice.

    11. How far in advance do I get the material to prepare for each day?

    Clients can send you material up to 24h prior to the session. If you haven't received the client's material 24h before the session, it will be cancelled.

    12. How far in advance can my sessions be booked?

    Clients can book you down to 36h prior to the session.

    13. Is there an option to keep a royalty percentage from the recordings made through Musiversal?

    The master and copyrights produced in Musiversal sessions are 100% owned by Musiversal, which in turns passes 100% of those rights to the client. You keep 100% of your performance rights.